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Disputes Templar

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Tradition and local historians refer to the Church of All Saints as domus of the Templar, built inside their Hospitable during the period of the Crusades. Although historically proved the presence of the Templars in the city at that time, along with that of another order of knights, one of the Knights, there are historical records that the Church of All Saints lead back directly to the Templars.
The only historical evidence is a plaque near the door right of access, probably of the twelfth century, on which there is the inscription of the abbot and doctor Constantine.
"Hic Requiescit Costantinus Abbas Et Medicus bream Pro Anima Eius»
The Templar presence in Trani is attested since 1142, while that of chaplains for the religious service is after 1139, the year in which these figures were established with the enactment of the bubble Omne Datum Optimum by Pope Innocent II.
The Abbot Constantine has long been regarded as affiliated to the Templar, abbot-rector of the domus, but since there is no historical evidence of this membership. The presence of other abbots in the history of the Church of All Saints, documented between the twelfth and the beginning of the fourteenth century, did favor the hypothesis of the presence of a monastic community, unrelated to the Templars.
Other doubts about the construction of part of the building by the Templars have arisen considering that most of the churches founded by the Order was named after Santa Maria, and churches used as domus were indicated in the acts with the attribution de templo. Also in the twelfth century the Templars did not have in Puglia sufficient resources to finance the construction of a church as All Saints' Day.
It has been suggested that it be considered in Trani domus Templar church of San Giacomo (formerly known as Santa Maria de Russis) or the church of San Giovanni, which no longer exists, mentioned in documents of the twelfth century, including one in 1191, where Grange is called the Knights of the Temple when granting by Abelardo de Pagani permit burial in the said church of a judge.

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