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Important point of landing, stopover and boarding during the Crusades times and the Maritime Republics. According to tradition, this  twelfth century Romanesque church was the seat, together with the adjoining hospital, of the order of the Knights Templar. A fine arcade, a unique piece throughout the Puglia Region, protects the entrance offering visitors a rich sculptural decoration depicting the dualism between Good and Evil. The interior, without transept, follows the basilica setting: three naves divided by six granite columns, surmounted by capitals carry. Of great importance is a system of signs and symbols, which influenced the architecture tying it to the meaning of numbers and astronomical phenomena, thus mediating the relationship between Man and God. The church, built following the sun rising on November 1st, 1100, welcomes deaf people for their evangelization

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  • All Saints Church
  • Via Ognissanti, 45
  • 76125 Trani (BT) - Italy
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  • Rector: Don Giorgio Del Vecchio

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